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This Ganesha statue is known as "CHATURBHUJ GANESHA," which means "the one with four hands." Each hand signifies a different importance in Hindu mythology. Brass is used to create this monument, making it rust-resistant and easy to maintain. To honour Ganesha, the deity who removes obstacles, place this Ganesha statue inside your home. It may be a nice gift for this holiday season.


The Hindu God of Wealth, Intelligence, Good Health, Prosperity, and New Beginnings is Lord Ganesha. Ganesh is often referred to as the "Obstacle Remover." Bring the intellectual and prosperous spirit of this Ganesh Statue into the lives of anyone you value about.


A stunning brass sculpture of Lord Ganesha, the deity of learning and riches, shows him seated on his throne, the "Singhasan," with his vahan, the mouse-like Musak. The statue is widely used to provide a vintage flair to modern design. Every home, place of business, temple, and traditional gathering has a Ganesha statue. Since Ganesha is the god of new beginnings, he is worshipped at the start of every ceremony and event.


Beautiful Brass Lord Ganesha is seated atop a chowki in Pure Brass. Lord Ganesha represents joy and pleasure, which is associated with bringing wealth and good fortune.

Praising Lord Ganesha on a regular basis keeps negative energy out of one's home and life, while worshipping him before starting something new keeps difficulties at bay. Those who worship Lord Ganesha receive prosperity, money, and good fortune.



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