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DHATUSHILP was founded with the goal of bringing handcrafted items into every house and heart by offering a wide variety of exceptional and extensive brass and metal antiques. A handcrafted e-shop, DHATUSHILP investigates the opulent assortment of hand created goods and revives the handcrafted spirit.

We are one of India's top wholesalers and retailers of home décor goods. We provide the top home décor products at competitive prices. One of the most popular places to shop is for household goods. We are here to provide the best for you.

By purchasing from us, you have the opportunity to develop a relationship with the product's origins. Additionally, by purchasing from us, you are directly assisting and supporting the artisans we employ from various regions of India.

We provide a fantastic selection of goods that will accentuate your spectacular property and exude luxury, elegance, and class. We are one of the top Wholesaler and Trader in Central India. We are thinking about how we may broaden the appeal of this valued craft in order to sustain it with the same fervour and vigour. In order to spread this ability and information to every part of the globe, we then had the notion to sell it online via e-commerce.

Our designs and patterns are masterfully created using Indian hues and create a connection regardless of where you are in the globe. We strive to meet all of your home decoration, spiritual, and ceremonial demands, whether for an event, celebration, or special day. So, whenever you're seeking for handmade artwork, keep us in mind.

Image by Mahmud Ahsan

Thousands of local artists have been forced to forego their skills in order to find jobs. DHATUSHILP has helped over a thousand craftsmen continue to practise their craft while earning enough money to support their families. In my perspective, the basic heart of DHATUSHILP is its goal of revitalising ancient Indian handicrafts using sustainable techniques that preserve not just India's rich cultural tapestry, but also the local artisan communities that have practised these art forms for centuries.

Artisans' handicrafts have been unable to compete with modern technology and westernisation. As a result of historical disasters, some specialised art forms have died.

We use DHATUSHILP to support the cultural and religious roots of our particular group. In order to serve as an example for the future generation of budding businesspeople, we want to make sure that these peculiar works of art are maintained.

After all, a brand is never just one person. The goal is for everyone to work together as a community.

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A wide variety of home décor items are offered by DHATUSHILP, including wall hangings, animal figurines, brass showpieces, antique door hardware, brass designers, and brass urlis.

Additionally, we have a wide range of sculptures depicting Hindu deities, like Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Lord Vishnu, Buddha, Maa Durga (The Goddess on Tiger), Maa Saraswati, Maa Lakshmi, Goddess Tara, The Laughing Buddha, and many others.

We also deal with statues of animals including horses, lions, leopards, cats, and elephants. Your houses, temples, shops, and businesses will all have a fresh new look thanks to these sculptures and other brass showpieces.

We are reflecting our items in an innovative and ethnic category. A group of skilled craftspeople created the designs, strikingly combining traditional and modern requirements. Our top concern is providing our clients with a list of the finest collections of brass and other metals.

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